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Indie and small press authors speak about the writing craft and their support for each other’s work.

January 14, 2022

YA novel ”Thanks, Carissa, For Ruining My Life” set for February release

Author Dallas Woodburn skillfully flips friends into lovers in the love triangle between Carissa, Brad, and Rose using two points of view.

Set for February release the friends-to-lovers romance delivers a heartwarming message about self-improvement, identity, and acceptance in an image-obsessed culture.

This is Woodburn's second novel with a short story collection How To Make Paper When the World is Ending slated for June publication.

A former John Steinbeck Fellow in Creative Writing, Woodburn's writing has been honored with the Cypress & Pine Short Fiction Award, the international Glass Woman Prize, and four Pushcart Prize nominations.

When she's not writing, Dallas hosts the podcast "Overflowing Bookshelves." Woodburn is also a book doula.

Listen in for a chance to win a signed copy of Woodburn's new novel.

December 22, 2021

In ”Shadows” Emma fights to follow her heart before Civil War

Author Jules Nelson emphasizes women's role in history before Civil War rocked the nation in her book "Shadows."

It was an era when men entered history as pioneers while women ensured that everything else around was a success.

"Girls and women played a huge part in history," said Nelson. "History is not just about men. What we do is important even if it does not make it into a history class."

With her deep love for history in its quirkiness, Nelson portrays the main character Emma in the shadows of times marked by rumors that can create a shadowy reputation.

Nelson encourages everyone to read and write reviews.

"Reviews are like tips for writers," she said. "It's what gets us noticed."


December 18, 2021

Author Theresa Halvorsen pens ”Warehouse Dreams”

As author psychologist Halvorsen puts it: "Go gently into 2022."

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In "Warehouse Dreams" author Theresa Halvorsen pitches the "Wilds" against the "Breds" embodied in delightful characters Kendle and teacher Stephen.

Kendle recruits teens with psychic abilities, for the Warehouse, the only school for Wilds. Accepting teens with Wild Gifts is risky; refusing means they face life under sedation. Stephen, the telepathy teacher, is a celebrity Bred with perfect genes. Can a Bred fall for a Wild like Kendle? As society’s hatred of Wilds goes up, the schools’ resources go down. Can Kendle protect her students?

Email the authors for a chance to win a free signed copy of their books.


December 10, 2021

Author Andrew Allen Smith releases book ”Adam” in new series ”Eternal Forever”

Character Adam is edgier and author Andrew Allen Smith tells the story of the immortal in first person with the final fifth book in mind. "Adam" is a product of a dream, as often is the case with Smith's books.

"He's the first and only of his kind," Smith said. "I tried to stay away from the stereotype of immortals. I wanted to stay on the edge of it."

In this book, the author tackles the concept of death among many others from a different perspective.

“…here I am, cradling her in my arms. The cool breeze blowing across my face. I am looking down at a woman between life and death. I can save her, but at the cost of her being a little of me. I can watch her pass as I have seen so many pass before. The decision is mine. As I wrestle with it, the sirens scream in the background, closer and closer. Just a drop of my amazing blood will give her life, but how can I decide?”

Smith also talks about grieving during the holidays or at any time of the year in this special holiday episode.

"Don't go through it alone," he advises. "Be there for people who are grieving."

Smith penned his only non-fiction book "What Not to Say to People Who are Grieving" after the tragic death of his niece in 2020.

Listen in to the episode for a chance to win a signed copy of "Adam."

December 3, 2021

Children‘s author Melinda Falgoust presents ”The Curious Casebook of Katie Q. Putt”

Happy holidays from the "For the Love of Books Podcast" and children's author Melinda Falgoust.

Listen in for a chance to win a free book from this fabulous author.

In this special holiday episode, Falgoust, the international award-winning author of fiction for children and adults, talks about her new release "The Curious Casebook of Katie Q. Putt."
"Move over Sherlock Holmes. There's a new detective in town, and her name is Katie Q. Putt! Ten-year-old Katie loves a good puzzle. She loves learning about new things even more.
When she uses the cool facts she discovers to help solve some of Freyburg's most baffling crimes, it's no mystery the bad guys don't stand a chance! From missing monkeys to vanishing valises, Katie's sharp eye for detail helps her police chief father stop crime in its tracks.
Now, you, too can read Katie's casebook and match wits with some crafty criminals in ten cool cases. Each chapter also contains a STEM or STEAM activity to help you dust off your detective skills. Learn how to make your own fingerprint powder, paint like  Piet Mondrian, and write secret codes to your family and friends!
Wondering if you've got the right stuff? Grab a clue and read The Curious Casebook of Katie Q. Putt and the mystery is solved!


December 3, 2021

The ”ABCs of Lowell History” book captures fascinating stories from the past

Happy holidays from the "For the Love of Books Podcast" and the Lowell Area Historical Museum (LAHM).

In this special holiday episode, Lisa Plank, the executive director of LAHM shares her insights behind the making of the hugely successful ABCs series from the past. Come along with us and step back into the colorful past lined with scenes such as the Ecker's Planing Mill, Christiansen Ice Cream Co., Opera House, King Milling Dam, and the 1912 blizzard.

The "ABCs of Lowell History" series started during the pandemic in 2020 in an effort to share the stories from Lowell's past with the community. It is now in its fourth round of the alphabet and going strong.

"We had a great response from the community," Plank said.

December 1, 2021

Meet your next great read at Bettie‘s Pages in the heart of Lowell

Happy holidays from the "For the Love of Books Podcast" and Bettie's Pages. We hope your holidays may be filled with joy and peace.

Bettie's Pages is a retro-inspired new and used indie bookstore that is more than just a shop. It's a cozy gathering place where you get to have fun, be authentic, and find friends in the heart of Lowell.

And it all started with the crazy idea of one person, Nicole, who hated her job and didn't expect support from friends and family.

"They were supposed to say, go find another job," said Bettie's Pages owner Nicole Lintemuth.

But they didn't and the result is a welcoming space for everyone whether you're looking for a book, a unique gift, or respite from the hustle and bustle. The store opened right before the pandemic in 2020. In March of 2020, Nicole shipped out 250 book boxes. She's up to 400 book boxes now.

She's been offering the book matching service ever since.

"I am not going to get rid of this," Nicole said. "I have too much fun doing the book boxes."

Also, if you prefer audiobooks, then Libro FM is the perfect indie alternative to audible.

Any plans for 2022?

Nicole has you covered. Join the "Cozy Mystery Book Club" in January with "Hope Never Dies."

"I hope people will continue to support places that kept us sane," Nicole said.

To join click below.

Bettie's Pages



November 24, 2021

Authors Row at the Ann Arbor Holiday Art Fair set for Dec. 4th & 5th

Forty Michigan authors will be located at the Authors Row at the Ann Arbor Holiday Art Fair on Dec. 4th & 5th with readings scheduled for Saturday and Sunday during the show. Children's authors will be reading on the hour.

Integrity Shows director Mark Loeb shared marketing strategies for authors at events. Authors of different genres now have a common space to offer a variety of books.

"We focus on the business aspect for creatives.  We've been taught how to write, how to draw, or other artistic skills, but few of us have had education on how to sell our creative products," he said.

November 24, 2021

Author Kate Meyer publishes ”The Red Couch” an adult coming of age novel

Kate J. Meyer is an author, speaker, therapist, and minister living in West Michigan with her husband and two chocolate labs.
She self-published her first novel in July 2021. The Red Couch, available on Amazon, is an adult coming of age novel about a woman named Toni, whose life is nothing like she imagined it would be; in fact, it is a mess! When Toni returns to Lake Harbor, WI to bury her grandmother, she does so intending to leave again asap. So when she is challenged to stay for a mysterious project, she's reluctant. Is a shoebox of old letters worth the risk of staying? Here's to hoping!
Kate participated in her first NaNoWriMo in 2020 and can now announce that that book is under contract to be published with Lake Drive Books! Keep up to date with the launch date and other information by subscribing at www.katejmeyer.com.
Kate also hosts the weekly series 'Mental Health Mondays with Kate' videos are available via her blog on her website and on social media.

November 18, 2021

”Mystekos Fall” portrays the ideal of balance in fantasy and real worlds

In her Mystekos season series, author Amy Klco takes on the big theme of creating a balance between fantasy and real worlds.

In the second book, "Mystekos Fall" of the Lake of Two Worlds series- Emily returns to Camp Tender-Heart- and to Mystekos-only to find new trouble waiting for her.

All four books are a product of Klco's participation in the National Novel Writing Month, even though the first book took 12 years to write, while the second book took only the month of November.

You can win the four-book Mystekos series by emailing Amy at enchantmentpress@gmail.com