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Indie and small press authors speak about the writing craft and their support for each other’s work.

The ”ABCs of Lowell History” book captures fascinating stories from the past

December 3, 2021

Happy holidays from the "For the Love of Books Podcast" and the Lowell Area Historical Museum (LAHM).

In this special holiday episode, Lisa Plank, the executive director of LAHM shares her insights behind the making of the hugely successful ABCs series from the past. Come along with us and step back into the colorful past lined with scenes such as the Ecker's Planing Mill, Christiansen Ice Cream Co., Opera House, King Milling Dam, and the 1912 blizzard.

The "ABCs of Lowell History" series started during the pandemic in 2020 in an effort to share the stories from Lowell's past with the community. It is now in its fourth round of the alphabet and going strong.

"We had a great response from the community," Plank said.